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How We Work Broken Down Into Phases

Digital Marketing Audit

We start by assessing your existing digital efforts, then identify areas for growth and improvement. These will eventually feed into the strategic planning process.

Digital Strategy and Planning

We proceed to map out specific goals that align with your company’s direction and growth trajectory. We propose strategic content that helps build your brand message and strengthen your brand identity.

Execution and Management

We put the plan into practice by connecting your brand message across your digital platforms.  We take a targeted and personalized approach in reaching your target market, to ensure higher engagement and conversions.

Focus on your business as we manage your Digital Marketing!

At NetRev, we take a consultative approach to our projects.  We sit down with our clients to understand where they are on their digital journey.  We then explore where they want to go, and how we can help them get there. We invest time in our potential clients, even before sending a formal proposal.  

Our team of creative and technical talents is our key resource.  Together, we come up with innovative and effective solutions to our client’s problems. NetRev is a relatively flat and open organization, and we encourage communication and collaboration across functions and grades.  

We also work closely with our clients’ in-house teams, ensuring that all internal and external stakeholders are engaged and aligned.  We believe everyone has something to offer. Differences in perspective help inform our decision-making process and lead to developing richer and more robust solutions.

For us, digital marketing is not just a job or a task.  It’s something that should add value to our clients’ businesses, and to their customers.  We drive results and focus on outcomes. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Let us increase your Net Revenue together! 

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