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What is NetRev SME?

NetRev SME is a digital product and marketing solutions brand of NetRev Marketing Group. We focus on creating digital products for Entrepreneurs to help them learn and understand more about Digital Marketing.

We want to make Digital Marketing accessible to small and medium local businesses. We want to help YOU make the most of the internet by increasing your Net Revenue in the process. Helping SMEs is our way of helping the bigger economy. We believe that when the small guys win, everyone wins.

Why Digital Marketing for SMEs?

  • Almost half of SMEs spend less than two hours per week on marketing efforts

  • 28% of SMEs spend 3-5 hours on social media marketing per week, but 27% spend 0-1 hour

  • 51% of small businesses rely on social media to grow their business

  • 65% of SMEs consider social media advertising effective

  • Having a website and using SEO tactics are most effective for SMEs

  • 39% of SMEs cannot track ROI generated by marketing efforts

  • 60% of small business owners are not able to track ROI from their social media activities

  • Facebook is the most effective social media channel for small businesses

  • Content marketing is still king

SME Tips and Insights

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