Digital PR Communications

We think Digital PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches for all types of businesses, but it’s difficult to get this right since it is often managed by different people and there’s the overlap with SEO and social media marketing.

In the modern world, your website provides a virtual window into your organisation whilst online PR and social media define your brand persona and reputation more than anything else. Digital communication is now fundamental to any communication strategy. It offers the opportunity to interact directly with your audiences, often in real-time, in highly innovative and engaging ways. This is closely associated with improving results from other digital marketing communications techniques such as social media, SEO (link-building), partnership marketing and viral marketing / word-of-mouth marketing.


Digital PR Communications can be a great, low-cost technique for making more people aware of your brand or website, but it requires a lot of hard work – no shortcuts.

Digital PR manages to solve some issues of classical PR. The new media offers a better reach and is more scalable than print media nowadays. However, as the need to integrate social media and other new channels into the PR Strategy ensues, a need for PR professionals to have different qualifications and skills arises as well.

While agencies and companies alike have recognized the that there is an urgency to adapt cross media-strategies, the knowledge of professionals, as well as basic guidelines, to turn those new strategies into action have not yet been developed. This gap has been the reason for alternative routes, like Content Seeding, to appear. It’s been seen as the solution to tackle all major problems of classical PR at once. Content Seeding is calculable, measurable and therefore scalable. It doesn’t require a lot of time. Plus, professionals often have a background in Journalism or Content Marketing, which comes with a solid understanding of how to deal with new media.

Let’s Create a Digital PR Communications Strategy.