Social Media Management

A social media strategy defines how your organisation will use social media to achieve its communications aims and the supporting platform and tools it will use to achieve this. At a basic level it’s a simple statement of intent, outlining the goals and measurable objectives for using social media, and the target outcomes you want to achieve. It does this in the context of the overall business and comms plan so that social media isn’t in a silo but working in parallel with other channels. It isn’t a detailed plan of action – you’ll also need a plan but without a clear strategy, how do you prioritise the activities for a plan? Think strategy first, plan second.

Here’s our Approach to Social Media Management:

  • Review your social media capabilities and set goals
  • Devise your social media strategy
  • Set up / update your social media accounts
  • Plan and create your content
  • Increase reach and build followers
  • Evaluation, tracking and optimisation
  • Use content to build email lists/integrate with other marketing

Hire a Social Media Manager.

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