Mobile Marketing & Development

Does your Brand have a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Brands have had it drummed into them that their website must be responsive, it’s what customers expect, and whilst this is true , it can’t stop there. Your entire strategy needs to be based on the assumption that users could be viewing your online communications, emails, social posts and more from practically any device, and more than likely a smartphone or tablet. How is mobile-first changing the business world? What can you do to ensure your business isn’t left behind?

7 key areas to help create a Mobile Marketing Strategy:

  • The growing importance of mobile marketing
  • Making the business case for mobile marketing
  • Create mobile strategy
  • Mobile design: create compelling mobile experiences
  • Mobile search marketing and advertising
  • Mobile commerce and mobile payments
  • Mobile CRM and mobile coupons
  • Integrating mobile, local and social

Let’s Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy.