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5 Things Startups Can Learn from Digital Transformation

Many brands are pushing to adopt modern techniques and transform their company cultures to imitate the success and sustainability of successful startups that are dominating today’s economy. Some industries have recently been disrupted by startup companies interrupting the status quo.

Startup companies have intrinsic advantages over established businesses. Digital transformation brings huge changes in every industry and these changes are influenced by startups. Startup leaders should, therefore, take advantage of this inherent leverage.

Here are five things startups can learn from Digital Transformation:

1. Take advantage of your human resources.

Technological advancement brought amazing changes in the business environment. It’s normal for you to want to keep up with the latest technology, but this shouldn’t be a reason to forget your best asset: your people. People are the drivers of digital transformation. Without their input, no transformation will happen.

As a startup leader, you need to come up with smart decisions especially when it comes to choosing talents, partners, suppliers, and distributors. It’s best to look at personality first before skills. To quote Neil Patel on what traits to look for when choosing your employees: “Skills can be taught, lessons can be learned, but personality is (more or less) set in stone.”

2. Be flexible.

Agility and flexibility are two traits essential to a startup employee. They should welcome change with eagerness. Startups lack the workforce and liquidity that’s why founders who hire employees who can assume different roles are more likely to succeed in this arena.

3. Make company culture clear to all employees.

Your core company values and vision should inspire you in designing your company culture. When you have employees who are flexible and agile, they can see the bigger picture for the whole company. Having a clear brand message will help you avoid hiring staff members that don’t understand or believe in your strategy.

4. Recognize the importance of data.

Know how to gather, interpret, and use data so you can stay relevant in your industry. With technology, you are given the power to know what you need to know about your customers and how they behave. Your decision should be based on the data you collected. If you use data smartly, you will determine the key drivers of change in your industry before others can.

5. Never fail to personalize customer experience.

It’s easy for small businesses to have personal interactions with their customers, but if you are a large startup, you can easily lose sight of this important ingredient in startup success. You should make decisions with your customers’ best interest in mind.
Choose employees based on their personality, be eager for change, make your brand message clear to your employees, value data, and keep your customers’ best interest in mind. These are the key ingredients for success that startups can learn from digital transformation.

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