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6 Trends in Mobile Advertising 2016

By 2020 there will be more than 6 billion smartphone users all over the world, according to a report by Ericsson. As a result, marketers are seizing this big opportunity. Mobile marketing will continue to have a big chunk in advertising budgets.

Here are a few trends predicted by some of the experts in the industry. Consider leveraging them in your mobile advertising strategy.

1. Valuable content improves mobile marketing.

If you ask digital marketers what their biggest challenge is today, majority of them will say ad blockers. As a result, advertisers are looking for ways to provide better experience to their users, especially those who are accessing their website or app through a mobile device. Spiraling mobile advertising revenues can be solved by marketers through engaging content. With valuable content, the target audience will deem your product and even your mobile ad valuable. This will make them add you to their whitelist.

2. Desire for accurate data instead of big data.

Google recently offered advertisers a way to find out what content drives people to their websites. It will show business owners which keywords were used before clicking the mobile ad which eventually led them to the brick-and- mortar store. While the advertisers won’t find out which customers were led to the store by their ads, they will have a better idea of when and why customers are visiting their stores by month, week, day, and hour.

Technology like this will make advertiser desire more accurate location data. Mobile marketing campaigns will now include geo-fencing, demographic, behavioral, location, and transaction data. These tools will help marketers drive traffic and purchases not only to their websites but also to brick and mortar retailers.

3. Location-based mobile targeting boosts mobile video ads.

Although a newcomer in the mobile advertising industry, video advertising will grow significantly this year. Advertisers will be testing the waters with videos embedded in mobile apps. They will be using location-based targeting to reach the right audience. As geo-targeting technology improves so will video on mobile.

4. New ad formats thanks to virtual and augmented reality.

With big companies investing on virtual reality technology, the mobile advertising industry will find itself dealing with a new and exciting way to reach their customers. The areas most affected by this innovation will be content creation, personalization, and reach and tracking. These will be the most powerful advertising formats because of their captivating nature which will have a huge impact on user experience.

5. Digital marketing complements in-store customer touch points.

Last year we saw brands unifying digital screens. Advertisers found ways to anonymously identify customers so that whether they are using desktop computers or smartphones, they can customize their content according to the individual’s preferences. In 2016, businesses will also be able to unify digital content with in-store touch points through in-store marketing and loyalty programs.

6. Goodbye spam, hello targeted content.

Ad blockers came to being when advertisers started spamming consumers with irrelevant, annoying messages. Thanks to innovations that use human behavior extracted from wearables and smartphones advertisers can now personalize a buyer’s digital experience. Each content fed to the consumers are now relevant to the unique individual wherever he or she may be in the buyer journey.

Despite being a relatively new member of the advertising industry, mobile advertisement has come a long from the first mobile ad sent through SMS. It will continue to grow this year due to non-stop innovations in mobile marketing technology. These trends may even lead consumers to love mobile advertisements and make them a part of their day-to- day activities.

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